I was 50 years old when I decided that I was done with being overweight, done with getting old, and done with being afraid. The first thing on my list was to overcome the fears that were strangling me. Change happens when the “why” becomes stronger than the “fear”.  My life was overwhelmed with regret and fear. What a horrible place to live and I was done with it!

My first step in becoming a bad ass was to get physical. I had never done anything physical in my life; just too afraid to fail, I guess. I began to prove myself to myself when I actually showed up day after day at the gym. Let me tell you, it is almost impossible to not believe in yourself when you are bringing it every day.

Each day, before I went to the gym, I would look myself in the mirror and yell, “LEAVE NOTHING ON THE TABLE!”  Each day when I got home from the gym I would look in the mirror and yell, “YOU’RE A FREAKING BAD ASS!”

The next step was to design a series of goals that were so far out of my comfort zone, they took my breath away. Sign up for Boot Camp where others would be watching. Throw out all my big clothes and buy new clothes that were one size too small. Learn to scuba dive. Stop eating refined carbohydrates. Share my story with anyone that would listen.

Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or can’t, you are right.” That sums up the journey. I haven’t stopped believing I can.  My new goals are to speak internationally on becoming fearless; discover new courage as I climb Kilimanjaro this year; read more books; and love fearlessly. I believe deep in my soul that the best years of my life are yet ahead of me.

Each day I look for new ways to serve, more things to be grateful for, and challenges that make me cringe in fear…. and then I do them anyway. You can follow my life and inspiration to age 105 on my weekly podcast, “Crafting A Meaningful Life,” or engage me to speak to your group. I am passionate about motivating others…like you have not experienced before! It’s all part of being a bad ass woman with purpose, grace, and grit.


“Part of my journey of letting go of fear included letting go of the weight that was holding me back. Becoming fearless was a process that had to involve every area of my life.”

— Mary Crafts

Mary's before photo

February 2019, in New Orleans at the International Caterers Association’s awards gala.


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