Mary Crafts is a world-renowned inspirational speaker who pours her passion for life into every presentation she gives- whether it is for a large corporation, a charitable organization or private executive coaching.

When Mary enters a room, she is always “coming in hot!” She can take a room full of people on a journey that is not only entertaining, but mind-shifting. In a world where so many motivational speakers bring plenty of sizzle and little to no steak, it is Mary’s intent when she stands in front of an audience to arm them before she walks off stage!

Her dynamic presentations always include specific tools and strategies that remain ever-present long after she has flown away. She encourages those who bring her in to speak to their organizations to “get ready to measure results!” Her impact is that obvious!
Don’t just bring in a speaker- bring in a living, breathing toolbox that will lift and grow your people and your organization, in measurable, lingering ways. Bring Mary Crafts!

"Mary absolutely inspired me to "Imagine what life could be like if you were unafraid." I followed her advice and started stomping my fears into submission that very day. She is a change-maker in every sense!"

Jodi Orgill BrownAuthor, Consultant, brain tumor survivor

"Mary helped me realize that we should not put limitations on ourselves because we are capable of more than we sometimes think we are."

Lauren Peters

Mary's speaking topics include:

  • Motivational

  • Inspirational

  • Leadership

  • Team Culiture

  • Health and Wellness

  • Emporwerment

  • Customer Service

  • Goals

  • Service

  • Abundance

  • Sales and Marketing

“Regret is the worst of human emotions because you can do nothing about it.
Transforming regret into gratitude is the key to being fearless.”  –Mary Crafts

Thoughts from Mary:

I am humbled and filled with gratitude that I have the opportunity to do the work I do. I recently gave a motivational talk to a group of night school students. A few hours before my talk I began to wonder if I could offer anything that would really make a difference to them and if they would even hear my message. I said a prayer and asked that just one of these young women may be changed for the better because I was there. As I began speaking I felt an electric energy in the air, I dove into my talk with more passion than ever. I became aware of many in the audience who were listening intently and so wanted my words to ring true.  I saw tears. I saw smiles. And I saw one woman who sat expressionless with her eyes riveted upon me. Afterward, as I gathered my things to leave, I stopped briefly by her chair and gently placed my hand on her shoulder. I looked into her eyes and simply whispered, “I see you, and you are known to me”.  The next day I woke to an email from her sharing how she had come into that room thinking that she was at the end of her rope and unable to deal with the fears that had bound her. She didn’t feel she even wanted to go on. But she believed the words she heard and saw a path of how to overcome each of her fears. She said she is now filled with hope and gratitude. Once again I was humbled that I am a messenger of such an important message. I am so grateful that I get to have a part in healing our planet, and helping people grow.

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Mary's engaging speaking style is in demand and on target. From television programs, to keynotes, to seminars... any time your group needs a spark of can-do attitude, with nuts and bolts practicality, Mary shows the way!


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