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It’s been said, with Mary you get one-hundred percent. Building an award winning, successful company? 100% done. Do you need service on boards and committees? She’s there for you 100%. Her children and family? Yep. 100%. Her own health and fitness? She’s got that covered too. And what about HEART? How about 1,000%!!

There are many heroic people in our world, and it’s especially poignant to meet a woman who graduated cum laude from the school of life. A woman dedicated to lifting others up by sharing her stories, her insights, and the many lessons she’s learned during her journey thus far.

Mary has been involved in service all her life. From being the CEO of her company, to hosting chic black tie charity events, to shoveling gravel at an orphanage in Central America, Mary’s commitment to service runs from High Level – to rubber-meets-the road.

More About Mary

Mary has just returned from a rescue mission in the Ukraine organized by the Utah-based organization Exitus. This mission was life-changing for Mary as well as for the orphans and special needs children she helped transport across the border to safety in Romania where the children are now receiving care and medical attention. Mary says of the experience, “It has refocused my life’s mission. I realize now more than ever that we are all one, expressing and manifesting that oneness is my mission now.” Click here to see a KSL news clip about Mary’s experience and the Exitus mission in Ukraine

Recent Speaking Events

April 14, 2023
UVU Conference on Domestic Violence

Mary does not shy away from sharing her personal story of surviving domestic violence and the valuable lessons learned on how not to just survive, but to thrive. After her college graduation in social work, she worked tirelessly to create Utah County’s first domestic violence shelter but little did she know that just 8 years later she would find shelter there with her two young children. Mary lifts women to understand that struggle does not equate to failure, but rather struggle is the path to growth and resilience.

March 10, 2023
American Heart Association
Keynote Speaker

Mary loves to talk about Health and Wellness. She was the perfect keynote for the American Heart Association’s Go Red Conference. Her theme, “You Are Your Own Best Champion” inspired the entire room to take charge of their own health and create a profound impact on not only their physical body but the entire trajectory of their lives.

November 14, 2022
ATHENA Award Luncheon
Closing Keynote Speaker

Mary presented the closing keynote at the Salt Lake Chamber Women & Business Conference and ATHENA Awards Luncheon at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City, UT. It is not easy to give the closing keynote after a long day of a conference, but of the 1000 attendees, over 800 of them stayed to hear her message. Mary commands the big stage like no other! The perfect message to end this inspiring day of growth, connecting, and celebrating.

October 18, 2022
Chamber West Professional Development Series
Keynote Speaker

Mary’s engaging presentation explored the many ways your vision for life and business determines how empowered and fulfilled you are.

September 28, 2022
Wedding International Professionals Association
Presenter and Panelist

Mary joins 3 fellow wedding professional luminaries from Utah for an enlightening conversation about the benefits of branding yourself vs your company. Everyone attending this event gained insights and marketing pointers.

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“Crafting a Meaningful Life”

On her weekly podcasts Mary interviews inspiring individuals from all walks of life, and shares personal stories about her journey to who she is today.

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From South Africa to the Domincan Republic to Utah, Mary’s heart and generosity knows no boundaries.


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