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It’s been said, with Mary you get one-hundred percent. Building an award winning, successful company? 100% done. Do you need service on boards and committees? She’s there for you 100%. Her children and family? Yep. 100%. Her own health and fitness? She’s got that covered too. And what about HEART? How about 1,000%!!

There are many heroic people in our world, and it’s especially poignant to meet a woman who graduated cum laude from the school of life. A woman dedicated to lifting others up by sharing her stories, her insights, and the many lessons she’s learned during her journey thus far.

Mary has been involved in service all her life. From being the CEO of her company, to hosting chic black tie charity events, to shoveling gravel at an orphanage in Central America, Mary’s commitment to service runs from High Level – to rubber-meets-the road.

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From South Africa to the Domincan Republic to Utah, Mary’s heart and generosity knows no boundaries.


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Mary is available for keynotes, half and full day trainings, and private executive coaching.
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Businesses and non-profits love consulting with Mary, a successful entrepreneur with a 35 year track record.
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